Alliance Model Works Steampunk Submarine

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I recently received  the 1:144 scale Steampunk Submarine from Alliance Model Works. The model is a beautiful kit, combining a resin hull and main parts, brass etch detailing and water slide transfers. It even has a very delicate turned brass antenna!


The model comes well presented in a sturdy box.

Alliance Model Works Steampunk Submarine

The parts of the kit.

Submarine parts

The kit also includes two double sided instruction sheets. As a complex kit, I feel that these are quite essential.

Submarine Instructions

I will be building this kit over the next few weeks and you can expect to see updates as the model progresses.

West Wind: Nemo and the Nautilus Crew

| Tuesday, 10 December 2013 | 0 comments |
West Wind Productions have released their latest Empire of the Dead faction, Nemo and the Nautilus Crew.

In the Shade of the Ishtar Trees

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I have just finished reading In The Shade of the Ishtar Trees by J.P. Medved.

This is a 40 page short story available via Amazon Kindle and captures everything that a VSF fan could want. The story feels just like one of those movies that capture the colonial sagas, Gunga Din, The Four Feathers, Khartoum, Lives of a Bengal Lancer etc.

The story tells the tale of a young officer on an expedition into the unknown jungles of Venus. The expedition is soon ambused and fighting for their lives and the officer and a veteran sergeant lead the remains to safety.

Making an ideal plot for a wargame, or indeed for Space 1889 or the like, it is well worth a read by any fan of VSF, whether they are gamers or not!

I was very impressed by this story and I am looking forward to picking up a few more of J.P. Medved's stories.

Bob Olley's Steampunk Dwarves

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Personally I don't have too much interest in the whole steampunk/fantasy crossover style of figures. It initially put me off of the Wolsung crowd-funding campaign until I realized that their figures fantasy aspects were so subtle that they could be ignored.

However, even I have to admit that Bob Olley's new range of Steampunk Dwarves, or Skrunts as he is want to call them, are rather fine examples of the species and I would be very happy to find an excuse to use them in my steampunk games...

The Kickstarter campaign has around 8 days to run so I would recommend that anyone interested in these quality figures moves quite quickly.

I have seen several of Mr. Olley's scratch built vehicles over the years, but it is great to see that he has turned his talents to producing some vehicle kits to go along with the Skrunts too...

Minifigs New Martian Range

Miniature Figurines have just announced a new range of Martians that would suit both Sword and Planet and Steampunk games.

They have only released a couple of photos so far, but the range looks well worth keeping an eye on!

 I like the retro feel of these figures, giving them spears rather than guns certainly helps with the Sword and Planet feel! Of course, there is no saying that the spears can't be power weapons if that takes your fancy...

The tripod is very much in the classic H.G. Wells style and should have multiple use, even though, at the moment the size of this beast hasn't been disclosed...

The Great Martian War: A History Channel Special

| Wednesday, 27 November 2013 | 4 comments |
To mark the recent 100th anniversary of H.G. Wells The War of The Worlds the History Channel has produced a rather interesting mockumentary, you can see the trailer here:-

Based around a very different First World War, this looks like a great reference work for anyone planning an alien invasion game!

Tobsen Miniaturen

| Thursday, 14 November 2013 | 0 comments |
Somehow I have managed to forget to list Tobsen Miniaturen on the Figure Companies page.

I have corrected that now!

Tobsen Miniaturen make a range of resin vehicles that are whimsical in design and range from steampunk through Retro Sci-Fi.

Osprey Reveals the Cover of Sleeping Dragon Rising Sun (IHMN)

| Wednesday, 13 November 2013 | 1 comments |
Osprey Publishing have released the cover design for the second expansion for their In Her Majesty's Name steampunk skirmish rules.

The first expansion Heroes Villains and Fiends is due to be published any day now!

Spartan Games New Dystopian Legions Miniatures

| Monday, 4 November 2013 | 0 comments |
Spartan Legions have released pictures of a couple of new minis for their VSF game Dystopian Legions.

I must admit that neither of these miniatures particularly scream steampunk at me! OK, the first one has a Victorian fireman's helmet on, and the second one has a cog belt buckle, but they just don't have any real VSF character about them...
The Drone Controller might be of use in a Weird War game (see my other blog - Pulp Gaming Review if you are interested in that kind of thing), but otherwise there is nothing that attracts me to them...

Lead Adventure release Two Detectives

Lead Adventure have released a couple of very nice detective figures.

HERO-015 Dr.Lehmann, Detective

HERO-016 Sebastian Ritter, Detective

Infamy Miniatures: The Toad

| Monday, 21 October 2013 | 0 comments |
Infamy Miniatures have released their latest figure, which follows their usual policy of capturing the essence of a Victorian fictional character and then twisting it into a totally new, bizarre and sometimes grotesque direction.

I assume this is based on Toad of Toad Hall, however, even ignoring it's literary provenance it is safe to say that this miniature would fit in nicely with any of the weirder Steampunk collections...

Spartan Games

Being a mainly Skirmish game player I haven't invested in any of Spartan Games Dystopian Legions miniatures yet, there are certainly some very nice figures, but they have more of that "big battle" kind of a feel to them. There are certainly a few that I will probably pick up eventually and their latest model falls into that category.

I am not quite sure what it is, but it seems to belong to their new Covenant of Antartica faction... I will definitely be considering picking up one of these in the near future!

Micro Art Studio Steampunk Building

| Wednesday, 16 October 2013 | 0 comments |
Last year I bought into the Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish crowd funding campaign.

I haven't had a chance to put the figures together yet, but I have built the laser cut kits. There are several wall sections some raised walkways and finally the two storey building. I will look at the wall sections and raised walkways in another post, but for now I want to concentrate on the building itself.

The kit comes with six sheets of MDF and two sheets of card.  Now this is a fairly complex kit. The instruction sheet certainly helps, but even then there were one or two moments when I got slightly stuck. However, with a little trial and error it soon becomes apparent where everything goes.

I must say, as a laser cut model designer myself, the model is extremely well designed. Each piece push fits together very smoothly, and you hardly need to use any glue.

The main structure is all built with the MDF and the card is used to add some decoration to the outside. This is nicely done as it varies the thicknesses visible on the outside of the model and does a good job of disguising that standard "laser cut" look that a lot of models have!

 The outside is very attractive with a lot of extra detail adding to the overall effect of the building.
Once I had to it together I gave it a coat of MDF sealer (basically a thinned down varnish). This will protect the MDF and card and stop any moisture seeping into it and it also has the side effect of bonding the whole thing together. Honestly, i think i could stand on this model and it would take my weight, it is a very well put together design.

The model is split into three floors, the ground floor, first floor and roof. All interlock nicely and the stair fit through the gaps very well too.

Several internal walls are also supplied and it is left up to you how you arrange them. I would have preferred there to be a couple of extra wall, as i found the positioning to be a little restrictive, but as this would have meant the inclusion of an extra sheet of MDF I can understand that omission.

There are also doors supplied for all of the doorways, and these come with stands so that they can be positioned open or closed as you need them. I would have prefered them to not have had the extra depth for the stand and had them looking a little more realistic. But they are very useful this way.

The floors all have a removable hatch that can be taken out to let the stairs rise through. In the case of the roof, you can even have the stairs coming through and leave the hatch shut. Very versatile! 

 I am extremely pleased with the this kit, and I would certainly like to add some more of these buildings to my collection.
The only thing that I would really change is that I would have liked the model to have had window frames in the windows, instead of the plain holes. To this end, I designed my own window frames and also added acrylic sheet (for glass) and a thin card frame for inside the windows. I haven't put these on the model yet as I want to paint it first.

I will post some more photos once I have finished it off.

Lead Adventures New Minis

| Monday, 30 September 2013 | 0 comments |
Lead Adventures has been showing some love to it's Steampunk range in recent days with several photos of new greens (I know they are orange - but you know what I mean...)

I am not sure of exactly when these will be available, but the rest of the range is well worth checking out anyway...

Bob Olley Steampunk Dwarves Kickstarter

| Wednesday, 25 September 2013 | 0 comments |
Sculptor Bob Olley has posted some WIP (work in progress) photos of his new range of steampunk dwarves to his website. They are apparently going to feature in a forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.

I will of course post an update once the Kickstarter materializes, however it would be worth checking out Bob's website anyway as he turns out some very interesting miniatures...

Tin Man Miniatures Kickstarter

Tin Man Miniatures has a small but high quality range of sword and planet figures in their range.

As a way of increasing the range a little more rapidly, Tin Man Minis owner John Winter has decided to go down the Kickstarter route.

Looking at the artwork and greens produced so far, John seems to be concentrating mainly on the female characters, a fair policy, as I am sure they will help more the campaign foward a pace, however I would have like to have seen a little more variety in the initial selection of figures.

There are however, some interesting designs that I am sure will have appeal both to Sword and Planet gamers as well as games in other genres...

Check out the Kickstarter, and if nothing else have a look at Tin Man Miniatures Website, it's worth a look...

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