Empire of the Dead: Requiem

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I have been looking at the West Wind Productions Empire of the Dead game for some time. I have only picked up a couple of miniatures, and as yet I don’t have the rules. However, what I have seen is very nice indeed and is well worth checking out.

My son and I took part in a demo game last year, which was clearly a much cut down version of the rules. It was great fun though and i really liked the way the mechanics worked. We won the game and received a free figure (Professor Erazmus) as the prize.

Professor Erazmus

The second figure from the range that I have is the Circ du Noir Man Ape. An excellent gorilla with a choice of two hats!

Man Ape

West Wind Productions are in the middle of a Kickstarter Campaign to produce an expansion book for Empire of the Dead, which will be titled Requiem. Anyone with  the slightest interest in Steampunk miniatures should really check this out , as it is a great way to acquire a sizeable collection of exquisitely sculpted miniatures all in one foul swoop!

Here are a few samples of what is on offer!


There is less than two weeks to go on this Kickstarter, so I would highly recommend getting on over there and checking it out as soon as possible!

I will be posting more about EotD (and Requiem) over the coming weeks!


Tony Says:
12 March 2013 at 11:24

Just stopped by for a browse.

Good luck with the new Blog.


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