Couple of New Steampunk Kickstarters

| Tuesday, 9 April 2013 | |
 There have been a couple of new miniatures kickstarters that should be of interest.

Firstly we have Peter Holland's Project "Steampunk Miniatures in White Metal".

I must admit I think that this particular project doesn't look terribly well thought through. The artwork is is primitive (to say the least), and the sample miniature is OK but really nothing to get excited about.

Hopefully Peter will manage to get some more of his concept sketches realised as greens before the Kickstarter finishes and we can see a higher standard with those!

The second Kickstarter is from Rob Angell, who brings us "Curious Constructs" 28mm Steampunk Inspired Heavy Weapons and Carriage Miniatures!

This project has a very nice compuer render of one of the mentioned Heavy Weapons (a laser).

This Kickstarter has already achieved it's initial funding goal.


9 April 2013 at 09:00

No mention of the In Her Majesty's Name "nickstarter"?

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