In Her Majesty's Name and North Star Military Figures

| Tuesday, 16 April 2013 | |
North Star Military Figures have been running a promotion along side the impending release of Osprey Books new Steampunk rules In Her Majesty's Name. The "Nickstarter" as it has been named takes it's theme from familiar crowdfunding models with various levels of investment leading to new reward levels.

The Nickstarter is finishing this week and is well worth checking out, as they have a really interesting collection of steampunk figures that look like they will fit in with any collection!


In related news Craig Cartmell, one of the authors of In Her Majesty's Name has also revealed today that they are already working on an expasion book for the game, to be titled Heroes Villians and Fiends, which is up for pre-order on Amazon.


inhermajestysname Says:
28 April 2013 at 10:46

We are indeed beavering away on a Supplement to IHMN, the working title of which is 'Heroes, Villains & Fiends' and will feature two dozen new companies, a host of new equipment, talents and powers. As well as new landscapes, scenarios and other good stuff.

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