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Curtis at Ramshackle Games recently sent me a few samples for review.
A couple of my gaming buddies have been very keen on some of the Ramshackle Games vehicles for a while so i was pleased to get a closer look myself. Also, I hadn’t really associated them with the Steampunk genre, mainly just Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Post Apocalyptic ranges.
Firstly, there were three figures included:-
Ramshackle 01Ramshackle 09
Ramshackle 06Ramshackle 07
The metal miniature is NR2 Fidelia St.John-Smythe and as you can see is is designed to fit into the open hatch of a vehicle. She is a lovely figure, nicely detailed well posed and with a huge rifle (possible an anti-tank rifle even…). The only real problem with her is the way she is designed to fit in the hatch. I would love to use her as a free standing figure (and may well get a second one so that I can convert her. As it is i am already planning on magnetizing her base so that she can be taken off of the vehicle, both for storage and for the narrative of my games.
The other two figures, NR2 Matilda Grey, and Mutie Man The Amazing Mr. Mud are cast in resin. Size wise they are quite small, being nearer to true 28mm than anything else.
Matilda Grey is every bit the Victorian lady with her high collared dress and whale-bone corseted pose. The device she is stood next to is linked to the book she is holding via a pipe, so I wonder if it is not some kind of steam powered laptop Babbage engine!
Mutie Man The Amazing Mr Mud defies description, but I will attempt it anyway. He looks somewhat like a a familiar peanut mascot that has either started to melt or has been dowsed in quick set cement. I find it difficult to see how I will use this figure. Still, for what he is, he is well sculpted and does have some character.
The final item I received is a resin kit called an NR2 Brass Coffin.
Ramshackle 08Ramshackle 02Ramshackle 03Ramshackle 05
Now anyone who hasn’t worked with resin kits before may find them a little difficult to work with. the finish on the open cast side of the mould can often leave something to be desired, and with these I had to spend some time cleaning them up to get a good fit. Also there were a few air bubbles in the resin. However they are easily filled and don’t offer any real problems to an experienced model maker.
The design of the Brass Coffin could, on a base level be said to be quite crude. It has a very “chunky” look, which on a high tech vehicle would be totally unsuitable. However, on this steampunk vehicle it works very well. It is really a great example of the phrase “it is more than the sum of it’s parts. As a whole it just works…
I am looking forward to getting some paint on it now, and trying to come up with an appropriate colour scheme. I will probably go with a “Great Western Railways” scheme of green and brass.
In conclusion I am very pleased with the Ramshackle stuff. It is far nicer in reality than I had at first thought from the photos on their website (I think it is the paint job – sorry Curtis). I would happily recommend them to steampunk gamers, as long as you are prepared to do a little work cleaning up and putting together the resin kits!


Pat G Says:
18 April 2013 at 11:08

Liking the vehicle - very pretty

Anonymous Says:
28 July 2013 at 13:31

Thinking of getting that vehicle. But, just wondering, how wide is it, wheel and all? Ramshackle seem to ignore my questions, so I turn to you instead.

David Drage Says:
30 July 2013 at 04:14

I checked this morning and (if my memory serves) it is around 68mm wide at the widest part, which would be the small rear wheels.

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