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Red Planet Miniatures have a small, but growing, range of figures.

There range is pure Sword and Planet, so it has a nice level of crossover between Steampunk and Pulp gaming.

I recently received a a pack of their basic Martian Elite Troops (SM-02) and a Martian War Leader (SM-01). The first thing I noticed when taking these figures out of the parcel was basically a bag of anatomical parts… The basic Martian Elite Troops come with separate legs (with lower torso attached), chests, arms, heads and weapons. So not for the casual gamer then! However, they clearly do offer quite a lot of possibilities for varying the posing when you put them together.


On closer inspection I was a little disappointed to find that the 4 sets of legs, although all different sculpts, are all in virtually the same pose. Left foot forward, with most of the weight balanced on it. This is a shame as it would have offered a great opportunity for variety in posing if some of the legs had been positioned with a little more creativity.

Other than the legs, the rest of the set gives a good selection of pieces that fit very well. I was worried that I might have to pin some of the arms on, but the ball and socket joint is nice and deep, so everything goes together well and holds nicely.

I think, through choice, I would have preferred the arms to have come attached to the torso. As the assembled figures do look a little awkward. However it is useful to be able to vary them so much, so as to produce larger units of troops just from the basic set.

Red Planet Miniatures assembled

The castings themselves were very clean with no flash sand virtually no mould lines. Where the chest piece is separated from the metal casting piece there is an area that needs to be cleaned up, but it is on the smooth back so it is easily done.

It may sound as though I have been quite critical of these figures, but that is the sculptor in me talking. Generally I really like the look of this race. They have a feel that is somewhere between a fantasy version of GWs Tau and possibly a hint of a Predator about the shape of their helmets. Size wise they are quite large coming out at around 32mm FTE (foot to eye). As they are not actually humans though this gives them a nice imposing feel when mixed with 28mm figures.

I am looking forward to painting them and imagine I will give them a red skin tone (as would befit a Martian).


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