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I have been pretty quiet over the past couple of weeks, due to both work commitments and also preparations for the Carronade2013 wargames show in Falkirk (which was a fun show).

I have plenty of new content lined up and I will start putting up new articles and reviews very soon.

I received my copy of In Her Majesty's Name over last weekend and I will be reading that very soon. I also picked up a copy of West Wind's Empire of the Dead at the Bring and Buy in Falkirk for only £10 - it is in mint condition, so as you can imagine I was very pleased (especially considering I have been at the West Wind stand 10 minutes before and nearly paid full price)...

I have been painting up various figures ready to show on the blog. I have nearly finished Red Planet Miniatures Sky Martian samples and also Ramshackle Games samples.

Anyway, look out for more in the very near future!


25 May 2013 at 11:50

Let us know what you think about IHMN. The background is great, but I am a little undecided about the rules....

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