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| Wednesday, 16 October 2013 | |
Last year I bought into the Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish crowd funding campaign.

I haven't had a chance to put the figures together yet, but I have built the laser cut kits. There are several wall sections some raised walkways and finally the two storey building. I will look at the wall sections and raised walkways in another post, but for now I want to concentrate on the building itself.

The kit comes with six sheets of MDF and two sheets of card.  Now this is a fairly complex kit. The instruction sheet certainly helps, but even then there were one or two moments when I got slightly stuck. However, with a little trial and error it soon becomes apparent where everything goes.

I must say, as a laser cut model designer myself, the model is extremely well designed. Each piece push fits together very smoothly, and you hardly need to use any glue.

The main structure is all built with the MDF and the card is used to add some decoration to the outside. This is nicely done as it varies the thicknesses visible on the outside of the model and does a good job of disguising that standard "laser cut" look that a lot of models have!

 The outside is very attractive with a lot of extra detail adding to the overall effect of the building.
Once I had to it together I gave it a coat of MDF sealer (basically a thinned down varnish). This will protect the MDF and card and stop any moisture seeping into it and it also has the side effect of bonding the whole thing together. Honestly, i think i could stand on this model and it would take my weight, it is a very well put together design.

The model is split into three floors, the ground floor, first floor and roof. All interlock nicely and the stair fit through the gaps very well too.

Several internal walls are also supplied and it is left up to you how you arrange them. I would have preferred there to be a couple of extra wall, as i found the positioning to be a little restrictive, but as this would have meant the inclusion of an extra sheet of MDF I can understand that omission.

There are also doors supplied for all of the doorways, and these come with stands so that they can be positioned open or closed as you need them. I would have prefered them to not have had the extra depth for the stand and had them looking a little more realistic. But they are very useful this way.

The floors all have a removable hatch that can be taken out to let the stairs rise through. In the case of the roof, you can even have the stairs coming through and leave the hatch shut. Very versatile! 

 I am extremely pleased with the this kit, and I would certainly like to add some more of these buildings to my collection.
The only thing that I would really change is that I would have liked the model to have had window frames in the windows, instead of the plain holes. To this end, I designed my own window frames and also added acrylic sheet (for glass) and a thin card frame for inside the windows. I haven't put these on the model yet as I want to paint it first.

I will post some more photos once I have finished it off.


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