Kirov Airship

| Wednesday, 27 March 2013 | 0 comments |
Here is a really tasty kit that has just been released by the Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau.

The Kirov Airship. A 22cm long resin kit (with brass etched pieces too).

Good Grief, Carruthers! An Excellent article...

| Wednesday, 20 March 2013 | 2 comments |
Howard Whitehouse the author and rules writer (well know for several popular sets of rules over recent years), co founder of the Pulp Aciton Library, has written an interesting article on Victorian Adventure Gaming called Good Grief, Carruthers!

I would highly recommend that any Steampunk or VSF games give it a look over...

Good Grief, Carruthers!

Where to get Steampunk Games and Miniatures?

| Monday, 18 March 2013 | 0 comments |
I have added a couple of pages to the blog (you will find the links at the top of the page next to the Home link).

The first is Steampunk Figure Companies, which as it suggests, offers a list of links to companies that produce Steampunk and VSF miniatures.

The second link is Steampunk Rules Publishers and it will take you to a cornucopia of various of various board games, Role Playing Games and Wargames...

Micro Art Studio Updates the Wolsung Range

| Friday, 15 March 2013 | 0 comments |
Micro Art Studio has filled in the gaps for it's Wolsung game and added a few miniatures that have been noticably missing from their site.

They have also added some nice new painted photos.

I have quite a few of these models myself and i must say, they are wonderful! I will be adding more articles about the Wolsung range, as I assemble and paint the figures and terrain pieces.

Rebel Minis 15mm Steampunk Adventurers

Rebel Minis make a wide range of miniatures (mainly 15mm) for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings.
They have just added this set of Steampunk Adventurers to their range. This seems to be the only set they do, but lets hope they expand the range some more!

I must say, they look really nicely detailed, although it is quite difficult to see the quality in this photo as it is such a busy image, with all the background detail and the paint on the minis! It would be nice to get an unpainted, or at under-coated photo for a clearer idea of the quality of the sculpts...

Reaper Minis Ringmaster Sophie!

Reaper Miniatures have added a photo of their new special edition Sophie, she has had many incarnations over the years as both a limited edition "Con" miniature, and also Festive releases.

The new version, made especially for this years ReaperCon, is a Ringmaster Sophie. To my mind it would be a simple fix to abandon the wings and use her in any Steampunk game...

Infamy Miniatures New Concept Art: The Toad

| Thursday, 14 March 2013 | 0 comments |
Infamy Miniatures have been producing a fantastic line of Steampunk Miniatures. Most seem to be inspired by Literary character that easily fall into the Steampunk genre of interest!

With the latest piece of artwork it is nice to see that even Infamy are pushing the limits. This is their take on Toad of Toad Hall from The Wind in The Willows.

Some Remarkable Contraptions!

I have been following the Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues blog for some time, the scratch-built models really are an inspiration to all steampunk gamers...

Check out the blog today, these are only a small selection of the wonders you will find there...

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues

Raging Heroes - A Kickstarter with some Steampunk influences...

| Wednesday, 13 March 2013 | 0 comments |
Raging Heroes are building up momentum towards launching a Kickstarter campaign for their series titled The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy. Now, most of the range seems to have a predominantly sci-fi of Gothic Sci-fi (for that read W40K) feel, however the latest picture they have released has a real Steampunk feel to it...

Another figure in the range has very similar aesthetics, although it does seem to lean more towards the dark gothic...

Empire of the Dead: Requiem

| Tuesday, 12 March 2013 | 1 comments |

I have been looking at the West Wind Productions Empire of the Dead game for some time. I have only picked up a couple of miniatures, and as yet I don’t have the rules. However, what I have seen is very nice indeed and is well worth checking out.

My son and I took part in a demo game last year, which was clearly a much cut down version of the rules. It was great fun though and i really liked the way the mechanics worked. We won the game and received a free figure (Professor Erazmus) as the prize.

Professor Erazmus

The second figure from the range that I have is the Circ du Noir Man Ape. An excellent gorilla with a choice of two hats!

Man Ape

West Wind Productions are in the middle of a Kickstarter Campaign to produce an expansion book for Empire of the Dead, which will be titled Requiem. Anyone with  the slightest interest in Steampunk miniatures should really check this out , as it is a great way to acquire a sizeable collection of exquisitely sculpted miniatures all in one foul swoop!

Here are a few samples of what is on offer!


There is less than two weeks to go on this Kickstarter, so I would highly recommend getting on over there and checking it out as soon as possible!

I will be posting more about EotD (and Requiem) over the coming weeks!

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