Our first game of In Her Majesty’s Name

| Thursday, 26 June 2014 | |
I finally got to play a game of In Her Majesty’s Name last night and I must say it was great fun…
This was our table set up.
IHMN Game 1 - 01
The scenario: A scientist working in a lab in the centre of Kew Gardens, has developed a rapid growth elixir. Several foreign powers have shown an interest in getting hold of it. A troop of suspicious circus performers have been asking to many questions about the gardens! The winner would be the company that managed to get the scientist (hidden in the large pump building at the back of the table) off of either the front or a side edge of the table…
IHMN Game 1 - 03
There were three of us playing. I was playing a British Secret Service Grey Section company (with a few special tweaks). Del had his circus performers (mainly Malifaux with a few Warmachine figures mixed through), and Jeff was using the North Star Scotland Yard set. Del was trying kidnap the scientist, Jeff’s Scotland Yard were trying to rescue him, and my orders (come down from the Ministry) were to destroy the secret formula and make sure that no-one could produce it again…
My company was made up of only 5 figures. Probably not a great idea, but as this was our first try out session… From left to right we have Colonel Plum, a well travelled extremely skilled gunfighter. During her days in Africa she adopted a baby gorilla, which has grown to be her constant companion  (Colonel Plum is the Guild of Harmony miniature – Zara Craft, the gorilla is the West Wind Productions Circ du Noir Man Ape). In the middle we have a Guard Robot and the Grey section Quartermaster, who is running this experiment droid to see if it has practical uses (both Wolsung Miniatures, Alice Tinkerly and Security Golem), finally we have the Watch Commander (West Wind Productions Professor Erazmus)
IHMN Game 1 - 02
Unfortunately I didn’t take mug shots of the other companies, so you will have to make do with another shot of the table set up…
IHMN Game 1 - 04
As line of site is quite important to the game I dug out the gamin periscope that I made a few years ago, and also my laser pointer (cat teaser).
IHMN Game 1 - 05
Initial set up was fairly straight forward. Del at the top of the table and Jeff and I opposite each other.
IHMN Game 1 - 06
The game started and Del advanced his Circus Company along the table. I responded by sending Colonel Plum and her Gorilla in to slow them down. Unfortunately, I didn’t charge them with the great ape (I should have run, oh well I’ll know next time), stopping 3 inches in front of them this made something of a good target for the circus folk to use to practice their trick shots…
IHMN Game 1 - 07
Colonel Plum, using more discretion lurked in cover (we had decided that all vegetation stands were counted as dense jungle, so she benefited from a 3 point cover bonus. From here she started a very effect series of shots that wittled down the dastardly enemy.
IHMN Game 1 - 08
Jeff split his Scotland Yard company and sent most of them to deal with the circus folk, while the rest advanced on the scientist. Del continued to advance up the middle of the table.
IHMN Game 1 - 09
I sent my Guard robot out to take a central stand and block further advances. However Del had a Marksman with a hunting rifle and she managed to take down the robot. This meant that I had to get my quartermaster into contact with the prone machine so that she could attempt to us her Engineer skills and effect a repair next turn…
IHMN Game 1 - 10
While all this was going on, my watch commander was making his way around the back of the building to try to deal with the scientist, before his secrets could be revealed.
IHMN Game 1 - 11
The circus company finally encountered the forces of Scotland Yard, in the middle of the table. This lead to quite a lot of hand to hand fighting and there were several casualties on both sides.
IHMN Game 1 - 12
My watch commander got half way up the stairs (denoted by the orange running counter) when he spotted a police officer at the top. This could not be allowed to proceed, so he made his way to the top of the stairs, where after a short tussle, the noble police constable took out my watch commander.
IHMN Game 1 - 13
In the middle of the table, my quartermaster managed to repair the robot, and as he stood up he took another shot to the head and was finished off this time.
IHMN Game 1 - 14
At this point we had to call a halt to the proceedings as we all had work the following morning. We decided that as Jeff had several figures in close proximity to the scientist he had the best chance of winning, so we declared it his game. To be honest, this session was all about getting our heads around the rules rather than anything else. We are happy that we have done that, and next week I will be taking on Del’s Circus company in a one to one encounter.


inhermajestysname Says:
26 June 2014 at 11:38

An entertaining report indeed young sir!
I'm glad you liked our rules, anything you'd like to say or suggest?

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