In Her Majesty’s Name Game 2!

| Thursday, 3 July 2014 | |
After last weeks learning game, we were ready to try a one on one game with a proper random scenario.
I have rejigged my Company (now titled Charles Farthingworth and the Angels of Islington, along with the pet gorilla Bosley) for this weeks game. Reduced the points on my robot and added a 6th member. An 8pt Soft Contractor (the most basic character I can add). As well as adding an extra pistol to my company she brings with her some Mystical Powers, being able to shoot through cover, and also treating all her attacks as poisoned.
The table was fairly full of terrain, although very different from last week. Running through the middle of the table there was a river. The river had three crossing points, a ford and two foot bridges.
IHMN game 2 - 00
The scenario that we rolled up was Catch the Pigeon. This caught us somewhat be surprise, but Del came to the rescue. As he uses mainly Malifaux figures, he happened to have three clockwork birds, nicely painted and ready to go, so we picked one and placed it in the middle of the table. Jeff was acting as referee for the game so he did assumed control of the pigeons movements.
IHMN game 2 - 01
Del and I started in opposing corners and spent the first couple of turns running towards the pigeon. The table we use is 3’ x 5’, the rules recommend a 3’ x3’ table, so to save time next time we may well just us the the 3’ square…
I reached the pigeon first, with two of my figures, but it managed to evade capture and escaped to the top of a wall. At this point I felt that Del’s company was getting a little close, so I charged my gorilla at them, this scared one off and I persued him into the middle of his company.
IHMN game 2 - 02
Del did manage to get one figure past and was close to the pigeon, so I sent the robot in to deal with her.
IHMN game 2 - 03
The robot scored a hit on Del’s figure, but unfortunately for me she had the Numb ability, which meant she was able to ignore the first wound. When she attacked back my robot was eviscerated… Del mobbed up against my gorilla and managed to take him out as well…
IHMN game 2 - 04
This left my party looking very outnumbered. Del shot the pigeon, which landed at my feet. If I had won the initiative on the next turn I may well have been able to scrape a victory, but Del got it (again) and rather than watch my last two figures being ripped to shreds I conceded defeat.
Another good learning session and I think I am about ready to redesign my company from the ground up… I originally designed the robot just to get used to the point construction system. It worked well, but I feel that I need a few more bodies in my company rather than having mainly high cost members, who can still be killed fairly easily…
With the holiday season coming on, it is unlikely that we will get another game for around three weeks. This will give me time to re-do my company, and possibly prepare my alternative (a Prussian force).


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