Reviewed in a White Wine Sauce

| Saturday, 26 July 2014 | |
Erudite followers of the Steampunk Miniatures Review will have noted David's recent request for additional contributors.  I have answered his Call to Arms and have now joined the team.  Thus I thought it timely for an introductory post.

I have my own VSF themed blog, Yours in a White White Sauce, which has been running since early 2006.  My interests have historically run along the smaller scales of VSF gaming such as 2mm/6mm, but not exclusively, and I have co-authored a few VSF gaming titles.  I am also a book lover and have a number of period alternate history literature as well as more modern VSF themed novels in my library.  At the moment most of my VSF gaming is centred around the fun In Her Majesty's Name rules, for which I have a number of companies in 28mm...and more I'd like to make of course!  But I have a few other projects in the pipeline too...

So overall, I think my interests are both sufficiently similar and different enough to provide content here which I hope others will find of interest.

Votre dans une sauce au vin blanc!


David Drage Says:
26 July 2014 at 15:12


Welcome aboard, we are honoured to add a veteran VSF blogger to our roll!

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