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UK based Ironclad Miniatures makes a range of 28mm VSF figures.  In particular they have a great range of resin vehicles inkling submarine and aeronefs but more on those another time.

Today's review regards their British Naval Brigade Boarding Party figures.  These differ from other manufacturer's figures in that are heavily armoured - in steel plate carapaces and Ned Kelly style bucket helmets.  I think they look awesome!

There are 3 packs in the range, namely:

British Naval Brigade Boarding Party No.1: Four different figures equipped for close combat with pistols and cutlasses

British Naval Brigade Boarding Party No.2: Four different figures equipped for ranged combat with carbines

British Naval Brigade Boarding Party Command: Two stout looking leader types

I purchased a pack of each to give me a 10 man unit.  I like that all the poses are different and give good variety to the boarding party.  The figures were clean, crisp and easy to paint.  The nature of the armour means that there isn't a heap of detail on the figures, but neither is it needed.  I was very happy with how mine came out in winter blues styled uniforms, though the Ironclad site has some in tropical whites (pic at the bottom of the post).
Shortfalls: None other that there are no other figures available like support weapons.  The moustache on the Officer bugs me a little too, instead of a naval styled beard - but thats just me being pedantic!

If you are after something a little different for your Naval Brigades then I highly recommend these figures.
Party No2 from The Ironclad site here


Ken Gross Says:
17 August 2014 at 04:42

Nice reference to Ned Kelly!

21 August 2014 at 07:08

Those would be great for the new IHMN Gothic supplement for use with the Knights. Thanks!

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