A closer look at some Meridian Miniatures figures

| Friday, 26 September 2014 | |
I recently finished assembling and painting a some Meridian Miniatures figures. I am using them in my In Her Majesty's Name game as Prussians, so I decided to use the bodies with long coats and a selection of the separate heads, all wearing variations on the classic Pickelhaube.

Firstly we have a selection of standard riflemen. There are a reasonable selection of poses, both active and standing, and the ability to position the heads gives some room for some variation too.The figure at the centre rear is actually the chaplain (carrying the book)

In these closer shots of some of the riflemen you can see the nice level of detail on the miniatures.

Moving on we have a variety of the weird weapons that could only appear in the steampunk genre. There are also a communications officer and an engineer lurking to the left and rear. I gave all these figures a slightly different head, using an upgraded gas-mask design, as I felt that specialists deserved slightly better equipment.

Taking a look at the communications officer, you can see the wonderfully weird design of his equipment.

Finally, the command section. In the middle we have the general, on the left an officer and on the right the medic.

 I am reasonably pleased with the paint job, it was a quick once over with various colours and then a couple of washes (one for the skin tone and then one all over...).

These figures were launched in a Kickstarter last year (2013), so it has only taken me a year to get around to painting them. I may be slightly quicker with the new Kickstarter that Meridian Miniatures are running at the moment, as these were a pleasure to paint.

Check out the new Kickstarter (it only has a couple of days to go), it has some very nice sculpts...


26 September 2014 at 05:07

I hope he expands the range in the future. Shame to let all those other headswap options go to waste...

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