Armoured Car: Ironclad Miniatures

| Monday, 20 October 2014 | |
If you haven't seen them before, you'll enjoy Ironclad Miniatures's great range of VSF vehicles.  I tossed and turned for ages before settling on my initial (and I stress initial) purchase- the 3 wheeled Armoured Car to support my Royal Navy landing force.

 The vehicle comes in 5 parts - resin hull, turret and stack, and metal wheels x3 and the gun barrel.
All parts were cleanly cast and there was not pitting on the resin  A few small bubbles were quickly cleaned up with no damage to detail.

The model itself was very easy to assemble and paint, though I decided I wanted a more experimental look so replaced the stack with a taller one like an early coal fired warship, with a few supports welded on to help keep it place.

I high recommend this mode and the service I received from Ironclad Miniatures was outstanding.  I am ow umming and ahhing over what to get next...


David Drage Says:
20 October 2014 at 06:41

Nice model and I like the conversions you have done too, they give it extra character...

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